Classroom Presentations

We know how time-consuming it can be to make resources, so we’ve helped you out! Let us know if you need a particular focus or want a resource on a specific theme or topic and we’ll add it to the resource bank.

 1 | A Guide To Mackintosh, historic Glasgow and The Willow

This Powerpoint presentation gives a general introduction to Mackintosh and his influences, his partnerships and the context of his radical style in 1903 Britain. Suitable for 11+

 2 | Innovation

The original Willow Tearooms Building in Glasgow is the result of myriad forms of innovation, not only in design but also in the approach to the project, through the formulation of surprising partnerships, the openness to new sources of inspiration and a forward-looking, person-centric approach to the brief. This film examines how innovation was the kinetic energy behind the commission and contemplates what 21st century designers, collaborators and architects can learn from Mackintosh and Macdonald. Suitable for 11+

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