Episode 3

‘Art is the Flower:’ Mackintosh and Plants

It’s Spring! This episode we look at how Art Nouveau embraced botanical forms,  admire Mackintosh’s floral watercolours and talk about why the building is called ‘The Willow.’ We also attempt and fail miserably to pronounce the iconic Mackintosh flower ‘Snakeshead Fritallaria’ and take a humorous look at the Victorian tradition of ‘insult bouquets.’

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snakeshead fritalliaria
paris metro faye bullock
leaf bud glass gallery
gallery 1
willow sowerbys
insult bouquet
Rush illl Morna Henderson

DATE: 23.03.2021 | HOSTS/GUEST: Jodie Marshall & Isabella Scott | RUNNING TIME: 31mins | ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Musical sting by Scott Twynholm. PHOTOS:  Snakeshead Fritallaria: Hunterian Museum, Paris Metro: Faye Bullock/ World of Wanderlust, Rush illustration: Morna Henderson, Scottish Plant Lore (Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh), Willow illustration: Sowerby’s English Botany 1805/ Scottish Plant Lore (Royal Botanic garden), Tree Alphabet: Forestry Commission Scotland, MATW building photos: Rachel Keenan/WTRT/MATW.

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