Episode 5

Handle with Care: Stained Glass and Burleigh Crockery

This month we are showing you our delicates! Glasgow may have been the ‘second city of the Empire’ but you could also say it was the ‘first city of stained glass.’ What was a day in the life of Stephen Adam, Mackintosh’s stained glass man, like? Why didn’t his business pass to his son and how did that decision lead all the way to our 21st century stained glass restorer Brian Hutchison? Also, Isabella talks about Miss Cranston’s favourite crockery, Willow Burleighware, and we ponder some strange Victorian drinking devices.

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Brian Hutchison billiard glass
moustache cup
Burleigh Dinner Plate
Burleigh jug Burleigh copyright
Victorian tasseography Alamy
Michael Donnelly stained glass book

DATE: 31.05.2021 | HOSTS/GUEST: Jodie Marshall & Isabella Scott | RUNNING TIME: 34mins



Musical sting by Scott Twynholm 


Burleigh jug: Burleigh

Stained glass images, moustache cup, Burleigh plate: Mackintosh At The Willow/ Rachel Keenan

Michael Donnelly Stained glass: Michael Donnelly

Victorian tasseography: Alamy


All other images in the public domain.

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