Episode 6

Putting Margaret Macdonald Back In The Picture

This month we are thrilled to be talking about the ‘genius’ (Mackintosh’s word) that was Margaret Macdonald. We warm up by delving into Celtic mythology- a large part of Macdonald’s inspiration- then discuss her career and how some male critics disparaged her influence on Mackintosh. We each nominate an amazing Macdonald artwork to investigate further and finish by taking a whirl around the history of maypoles, thanks to Macdonald’s incredible May Queen.

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7 princesses Artwork of the Week
Gundestrop Cauldron
legend_blackthorns_macdonald Liverpool Museums
Margaret_MacDonald_Macintosh James Annan NMS
May Queen Glasgow Times
Maypole Dance Glastonbury Guardian
Silver Apples of the Moon Wikiart

DATE: 29.06.2021 | HOSTS/GUEST: Jodie Marshall & Isabella Scott | RUNNING TIME: 31.21 mins



Musical sting by Scott Twynholm 


Scottish Summer Fruits Tea- Pekoe Tea

Blackthorn by Margaret Macdonald- Liverpool Museums

Seven Princesses- Artwork of the Week

Gundestrop Cauldron- National Museums Denmark

Margaret Macdonald by Annan- National Museums Scotland

Silver Apples of the Moon- Wikiart

May Queen- Glasgow Times

Maypole dance- Guardian

All other images in the public domain.

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