Episode 9

Talwin Morris, Walter Blackie and Mackintosh: World Book Day Special

Join us this World Book Day as we find out about Mackintosh’s book design career for Glasgow Publisher Walter Blackie (who then commissioned him to create Hill House.) We also learn about a man sometimes referred to as the ‘fifth member of the Glasgow Four’ namely Talwin Morris, Blackie’s Art Manager who created some astounding books himself, as well as employing Mackintosh. Isabella and I also discuss memorable book covers from our own life, and wrap up trying to guess what the plots of some weird and wonderful Art Nouveau books.

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An unappreciative Aunt
Strain, Hilary; Walter Blackie; The National Trust for Scotland, The Hill House; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/walter-blackie-197407
Talwin Morris
Daddy Samuel's Darling
TMorris Lyon and turnbull

DATE: 18.02.2022 | HOSTS/GUEST: Jodie Marshall & Isabella Scott | RUNNING TIME: 28.05 mins



Musical sting by Scott Twynholm 


Morris group lot: Lyon and Turnbull

Walter Blackie portrait: Art UK

Individual covers from GSA collection

Talwin Morris: orenco originals

Skellig: goodreads.com/ Wikipedia


All other images in the public domain.

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